programming and driving

Posted: December 2, 2011 by Steve in Uncategorized

Today I did something that sounds illegal, but actually wasn’t. You see I had a programming issue that was perplexing me and didn’t require a lot of typing. I had an opportunity to drive the slow way from downtown St. Paul to uptown Minneapolis and think about my problem. With some black rebel motorcycle cycle club blasting through the air and the nice sites of Selby ave wafting by, my mind could comfortably ponder the issue at hand. Everytime that I thought of something to try, I would just pull over type something in and try it. When it didn’t work, I would just go back to driving and pondering. By the third time I pulled over, I had it solved.

I think I have to do his more often!

  1. While I didn’t go so far as to compile code on the road, there was ast least one iSMS bug (feature) I fixed that way: POST.

    Sometimes the subconscious is bbeertr

  2. (stupid touchscreen auto correct) better at solving problems like that.